The seven companies selected by Fishing Accelerator partners in the first edition

AVANZARE: Nanomaterials and high-performance solutions based on nanotechnology. Experts in the development, production and commercialization of complex additives.

IMPACT VISION: Hyperspectral technology that provides information about the quality and characteristics of food using image recognition and predictive learning.

NATURAL MACHINES: Kitchen appliance based on 3D printing technology. Open capsules system. The consumer places fresh ingredients in Foodini.

PROVISUR, AM2C®: World leader in separation, deboning and denervation with 3 brands: AM2C-BEEHIVE-BF and several other technologies for fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

BOUND4BLUE.  They have designed an intelligent rigid sail system as a complementary and clean propulsion formula for merchant and fishing vessels.

LIZOTTE MACHINE VISION: They develop and manufacture custom-built quality control, grading and sorting equipment for the global food processing industry.

ALINOX: They are dedicated to the research, design and manufacture of machinery for the sectors derived from fishing industry.

The fourteen companies selected by Fishing Accelerator partners in the second edition

AIT: Since 1997 improvingproduction processes with the aim of manufacturing high-quality machinery through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a specific customer service philosophy.

ALISYS: Digitization of organizations through the combined use of telecommunications, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital marketing.

BITCLIQ: Software development and engineering, applying Big Data/AI, IoT, Blockchain, Web/Mobile and Cloud Computing to enhance industries and territories with smarter solutions that improve efficiency and sustainability.

BYFLOW: Dutch company specialized in 3D printing since 2009 and an expert in 3D food printing.

CELTALGA: Celtalga Extract is a spin-off from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC, Spain), whose activity focuses on the production of aqueous extracts from the Galician coast.

EUROTAB: Innovation in all product mix items to convert ideas into a commercial success. They create the tablets of the future.

FISHTECK MARINE: Global leaders in bycatch reduction technology, providing technical solutions that work for fishermen and the environment.

HIELOGEL: They offer a clean, economical and effective solution to the need to reach and maintain low temperatures.

SAFETYNET: SNTech designs and builds light emitting devices, with fishing stakeholders, to increase commercial fishing gear selectivity and make the industry more sustainable. Our market-ready device, Pisces, is designed by and for fishermen to help them catch only the right fish.

SEAWEED: Ceated in 2006 with the vision to allow the large-scale cultivation of oceanic algae for the production of food, feed, biochemicals, energy and other valuable products.

SINTERPACK: Customized and comprehensive solutions. Its products range from handling systems with capacity to work with all kinds of formats and presentations of consumer goods, to grouping and box filling, transporting and palletizing boxes, trays, sacks or other containers, and handling pallets.

SWELLPRO: The Ultimate Waterproof Drones.

TOPAME: Optimized seaway to reduce fuel consumption and travel time. Based on oceanographic data resolution, the Topame algorithms create shipping routes in a simple, instant and offlinemode.

VITAL VIO: A Better-Safer Way to Kill Bacteria: Vital Vio Germ-Fighting LED Technology.